The Village of Mount Horeb would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our website.  Here you will find an abundance of information on Village Programs, Services and Departments, and information affecting everyone in Mount Horeb. This website is designed to assist local residents with questions about Village of Mount Horeb Government as well as provide Area Information to Visitors.  No matter which one applies to you, I welcome you and invite you to take a look around.  You will be surprised at all Mount Horeb has to offer.


David L Becker, Village President

  • News To You


      Mount Horeb Utilities offers residents and businesses an option of having a second meter installed to meter water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system. There is no sewer charge on the second meter. The customer is responsible for a $35.00 permit from the Building Inspection Department and a $30.00 charge for installation of the meter, plus any plumbing costs necessary to set up piping for the second meter. Once the second meter is installed you will be charged a monthly fixed fee depending on your meter size (normal household 5/8" meter is $3.25), plus $2.61/1000 gallons used (again based on a normal household 5/8" meter). The second meter will pay for itself within a short period of time if you do quite a bit of outside watering for your lawn, landscaping plantings, or washing vehicles. Please contact the Utility Office at 608.437.3084 for questions or to request a second meter.


      Check out this month's calendar of events for the Mount Horeb Senior Center.


      The July episode of Talk of the Trollway highlights Mount Horeb print artist Larry Welo. Larry started etching landscape scenes more than 40 years ago finding inspiration all around him. Check out Larry's story. Talk of the Trollway spotlights Mount Horeb’s dynamic world of art, entertainment, hobbies, and travel. Current and prior episodes are available on the Video on Demand page.   

    • Tree Power and Central Air Tune-Up Rebates Available

      You may be eligible for a rebate if you plant a shade tree or have your central air unit tuned up.  Check out the rebate information at the bottom of the Mount Horeb Electric Utility webpage by clicking here.

    • Lead Public Education Program

      Some homes in this community have elevated lead levels in their drinking water. Lead can pose a significant risk to your health. Please read the Full Notice for further information.