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Randy J Littel, Village President

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      Check out this month's calendar of events for the Mount Horeb Senior Center.


      If making cheese was a race, Willi Lehner would be the tortoise and proud of it. The rural Blue Mounds cheesemaker ages his artisan Bleu Mont Dairy cheeses in a manmade cave, sometimes for a year or more. See how he adds his own twist to the centuries old craft this month on "Talk of the Trollway."  Talk of the Trollway spotlights the dynamic world of art, entertainment, hobbies, and travel in the Mount Horeb area. Current and prior episodes are available on the Video on Demand page.   

    • Lead Public Education Program

      Some homes in this community have elevated lead levels in their drinking water. Lead can pose a significant risk to your health. Please read the Full Notice for further information.