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David L Becker, Village President

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      The Village of Mount Horeb and Mount Horeb Utilities would like to provide some background information regarding recent media reports on the amount of lead in Mount Horeb’s drinking water. Most Mount Horeb residents have nothing to worry about. Our water distribution system is safe and there are no issues with lead in our wells or our water source. The problem identified in the media reports comes from older homes that have lead water laterals and services.  Lead water lines were no longer used in Mount Horeb after the 1950’s.

      In 2011 the Utility exceeded the allowable lead in samples taken from homes with lead laterals. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) placed the Utility on a compliance plan where the Utility was required to replace a minimum of 14 lead water laterals a year. The Utility has annually replaced at least 14 laterals a year and in 2012 achieved two consecutive safe lead samples required to comply with the DNR’s management plan. By achieving the two safe samples the DNR no longer requires the Utility to replace a certain number of lead laterals each year. However, we decided to keep budgeting for their replacement to eventually eliminate all lead laterals in the Village. It should also be noted that the Utility is only required to replace the water lateral or the utility portion of the line from the water main to the curb box. Homeowners are not forced to replace their service, the line from the curb box to their home. Homeowners are made aware of the issue, but the Utility cannot replace the service for them. They need to contract with a plumber to make this repair.

      Additionally, the Village has been adding a phosphate treatment to its water at the wells since 1994 to help stop the corrosion of the water lines thus reducing the amount of lead that gets into the water.

      Also, an article reported that the highest recorded lead sample in the State occurred in Mount Horeb at 9,370 parts per billion. It is true that this was a test number that was taken in a home here in Mount Horeb; however the test was not a compliance sample. It was an investigative sample after the replacement of a lead lateral. The DNR requires the utility to submit a test within 72 hours after a lead lateral is replaced; this is called an investigative sample. It is likely that while doing the work to replace this lateral a small piece of lead got into the water and ended up in the sample producing this high reading.

      Some residents may have noticed cloudy water with a strange odor coming from their taps in the last two weeks. This issue has nothing to do with lead in the water. The Utility recently performed routine maintenance on one of its wells and while the well was down for service the water had a chance to stagnate causing this odor and the coloration. Prior to bringing the well back into service we are required to submit two safe samples to the DNR and this was done prior to bringing the well back online.

      Additional information regarding lead in drinking water can be found on our website, www.mounthorebwi.info, under the Departments and Services tab, select Mount Horeb Utilities and Water Utility. If you have concerns or questions regarding the water lateral and service to your home please free to call the Utility office at 437-3084.


      Please be sure your lids shut on your recycling and garbage totes when you set them out for pickup. If you have extra items which are not allowing the lid to completely close please hold until the next pickup or ask a neighbor if they have room in their totes. Excessive items blow away, attract critters, and can fall out when being picked up by the hauler. Thank you for keeping Mount Horeb a clean and welcoming community!


      Mount Horeb Utilities offers residents and businesses an option of having a second meter installed to meter water not discharged into the sanitary sewer system. There is no sewer charge on the second meter. The customer is responsible for a $35.00 permit from the Building Inspection Department and a $30.00 charge for installation of the meter, plus any plumbing costs necessary to set up piping for the second meter. Once the second meter is installed you will be charged a monthly fixed fee depending on your meter size (normal household 5/8" meter is $3.25), plus $2.61/1000 gallons used (again based on a normal household 5/8" meter). The second meter will pay for itself within a short period of time if you do quite a bit of outside watering for your lawn, landscaping plantings, or washing vehicles. Please contact the Utility Office at 608.437.3084 for questions or to request a second meter.


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      If making cheese was a race, Willi Lehner would be the tortoise and proud of it. The rural Blue Mounds cheesemaker ages his artisan Bleu Mont Dairy cheeses in a manmade cave, sometimes for a year or more. See how he adds his own twist to the centuries old craft this month on "Talk of the Trollway."  Talk of the Trollway spotlights the dynamic world of art, entertainment, hobbies, and travel in the Mount Horeb area. Current and prior episodes are available on the Video on Demand page.   

    • Lead Public Education Program

      Some homes in this community have elevated lead levels in their drinking water. Lead can pose a significant risk to your health. Please read the Full Notice for further information.