Mount Horeb Electric Utility

The Village of Mount Horeb is unique in that it owns and operates its own electric distribution system in the Village of Mount Horeb and the surrounding area serving approximately 3,600 customers. Mount Horeb Electric Utility is one of 82 municipal-owned utilities in Wisconsin that provides low rates and reliable and safe electricity to the Mount Horeb community.

  • Free Extension Services to new homes
  • Free Locating of Utility owned lines (please call Diggers Hotline at (800) 242-8511)
  • Free Estimates for new primary extensions and service upgrades
  • Free After hour trouble call (608) 437-3084
  • Free Drop services for Tree trimmers (during business hours)
  • Free Questionable meter consumption testing

Wisconsin Public Power (WPPI)

In May 2005 Mount Horeb utilities became a member of Wisconsin Public Power, and began purchasing power from the Sun Prairie based company.  WPPI is a regional power company serving 50 customer-owned electric utilities.

Through WPPI, these public power utilities share resources and own generation facilities to provide reliable, affordable electricity to more than 190,000 homes and businesses in Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, and Iowa. WPPI provides Mount Horeb Utilities with reliable, low-cost electricity.

Home Energy Calculator
Use the tools to calculate the estimated cost of energy use in your home. Then use this information to better manage your energy use and cost associated with that use.

Commitment to Community Fund

In 1999 the state of Wisconsin passed legislation to require electric utilities to collect fees on electric meters to fund low-income and conservation programs.

Rebate Information

Central Air Tune-up Incentive

Tree Power Incentive