Village Treasurer

The Village Treasurer duties include serving as chief fiscal officer of the Village, collector of taxes for the village, administrating matters relating to finance, including the Village budget. The Village Treasurer handles the investment of Village funds, as well as the periodic issuance of debt (bonds and notes). 

The Village Treasurer's office is responsible for the billing and collection of all property taxes, billing and collection of all utility service charges, and recording the collection of all other revenues (i.e. parking fees, recreation fees, and permits). The Village Treasurer's office also processes payroll for Village employees and pays all bills to vendors for purchased goods and services.

Financial Statement Audits

The financial statements of the Village of Mount Horeb are audited annually by Baker Tilly US, LLP.  The most recent audited financial reports are listed and linked below.

Village Budget

  1. Village Clerk and Village Treasurer

    Physical Address
    Municipal Building
    138 E Main Street
    Mount Horeb, WI 53572


  2. Joan Stuessy

    Finance Director/Treasurer