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Municipal Building Staff

Municipal Building staff can be reached by calling (608) 437-6884 or (608) 437-3084 at the following extensions, call direct, or click on the name to email:

Chrissy Kahl , Deputy Clerk/Office Assistant I, ext 2100 or direct dial 608-437-9400

Niki Erickson, Office Coordinator, ext 2103 or direct dial 608-437-9403

Alyssa Gross, Village Clerk/Deputy Treasurer/Office Manager, ext 2104 or direct dial 608-437-9404

Lynn Kitsemble, Office Assistant II, ext 2105 or direct dial 608-437-9405

Amy Hall, Finance Director/Treasurer, ext 2106 or direct dial 608-437-9406

Jean Culberson,Court Clerk, ext 2107 or direct dial 608-437-7748

Kathy Hagen, Assistant Village Administrator, ext 2108 or direct dial 608-437-9408

Nicholas Owen, Village Administrator, ext 2109 or direct dial at 608-437-9409

Building Inspector, ext 2116 or direct dial 608-437-9416

Village Board Contact Information

(all mailing addresses are Mount Horeb WI 53572)

Village President Randy Littel, 704 E Main Street, (608) 437-1161

Trustee Ryan Czyzewski, 108 Terrace Court, (608) 437-1356

Trustee Jason Fendrick, 901 Spellman Street, (608) 535-9522

Trustee Beth Hill, 920 Vista Ridge Drive, (608) 843-3494

Trustee Jessica Jackson, 116 Robyn Ridge, (608) 640-7470

Trustee Brenda Monroe, 104 Stonefield Circle, (608) 609-6506

Trustee Cathy Scott, 302 Perimeter Road, (608) 437-1499

Village Board, to email entire Village Board and Village Administrator

Plan Commission Contact Information

Plan Commission, to email entire Plan Commission and Village Administrator


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