Zoning Department

Applications & Forms

Certified Survey Map Application Required for any new land division less than four lots

CSM Zero Application & Guidelines Required for zero lot line duplex divisions

Design Review Application   The Building Inspector or the Village Administrator, or his/her designee, shall advise applicants when they apply for building permits or land disturbing activity permits or other approvals or permits whether design review applies.

Erosion Control and Stormwater Management Permit No one shall commence any activity described in § 20.04 or 20.05, and no building permit may be issued, without receiving an erosion control and stormwater management permit from the Village.

New Business Certificate New businesses or businesses that have moved should also be aware that the Village issues a Zoning Certificate prior to opening the business. The zoning certificate gives the Village the opportunity to review the proposed business for conformance with the zoning district. (No Fee

Zoning Amendment and Conditional Use Permit Application When a change in use of a property is planned or other zoning related adjustments to the Village Code are necessary, an amendment to the Zoning Code can be requested to the Plan Commission.  The Plan Commission will forward a recommendation to the Village Board.

Zoning Variance Application A zoning variance may be applied for when a project does not fit into the strict guidelines of the Zoning Code but, due to some definable hardship related to the property, a variance from the Zoning Code is appropriate. A variance application requires a minimum of 30 days notice prior to the start of the project.

Zoning Description & Fee

Village Fee Schedule

Central Business District  (Downtown Area Business)

Additional Information

Chart 1 Mount Horeb Lot, Yard and Building Requirements shows minimum sizes, setbacks, and restrictions for various zoning categories.

Village Zoning Map

Future Land Use Map-Village of Mount Horeb