Aquatic Center


2019 Pool Season

June 1 – August 17

The Aquatic Center features a 35 meter pool, zero depth baby pool, water slide, wet sand play area, and grass decks for your swimming enjoyment.

Important Information on Healthy Swimming

1. Stay out of the water if you have diarrhea or are feeling sick (this will help to make sure germs don’t end up in the water).

2. Shower before getting in the water (this will help to remove sweat, dirt and germs that might be on you from getting into the water).

3. Don’t pee or poo in the water (take frequent bathroom breaks while swimming and make sure to wash your hands with soap and water).

4.  Don’t swallow the water (keep the water out of your mouth and nose while swimming).

Pool Passes (Forms of payment: credit card, cash or check)

Resident Individual pass, $50.00

Resident Individual Senior (60+), $40.00

Non-Resident Individual pass, $70.00

Non-Resident Individual Senior (60+), $60.00

Resident Family pass (up to 5 family members), $120.00*

Additional Child, $20.00

Non-Resident Family pass (up to 5 family members), $160.00*

Non-Resident Additional Family Member, $20.00

Nanny/Babysitter or children over 18, $30.00 (with family pool pass purchase)

*Family passes are limited to immediate family members with a max of five members.  Any additional children put on a family pass will cost an additional $20.00 per child.  Members of the same family must live at the same address for at least three months.  Child above the age of 18, babysitter, or nanny can be added to a family pool pass for an additional $30.00.  Only those living within the Village limits will be considered residents.  We have a map on site if you are not sure where the boundaries are.  If you do not pay property taxes to the Village of Mount Horeb, you are considered a non-resident.  A pass card will be assigned to each individual age 9 and up.  Show this card when entering the pool.  Pool passes will not be prorated.  There are no refunds on pool passes.

Three ways to purchase your pool pass

  1. Online by going to *  You should be able to search with the keyword pool or pool pass.
  2. At the Recreation Department* using the pool pass registration form, which you can print off HERE.
  3. At the Aquatic Center once we open on June 1.

*If you purchase your pass online or at the Recreation Department, you can pick up your pass cards the first time you use the pool.

Daily Admission (Forms of payment: cash or check only)

Age 1 & under are free for both residents and non-residents

Age 2-17 resident is $3.00 and non-resident is $4.00

Age 18+ resident is $4.00 and non-resident is $5.00

Age 60 & older resident is $2.00 and non-resident is $3.00

After 5:00pm daily, cost is $2.00 for residents and $3.00 for non-residents

Aquatic Center Schedule

Swim Team: 5:30-10:00am, Monday – Friday

Swim Lessons: 10:45am-11:45pm and 6:15-7:15pm, Monday – Thursday (Contact Rec Dept for dates)

Little Splashes Pool Party:  July 12, 2019 | 11:00am-12:00pm
($2.00/person, pool pass holders are free)

Summer Splash Bash “Wild West”: Thursday, July 25th | 1:00-5:00pm
($4.00 per person, pool pass holders will only pay $2.00 per person)

Adult Lap Swim: Monday – Saturday | 4:30pm to close.  Please let a lifeguard know you are interested in lap swim, so they can put in the lane line.

Open Swim: Monday – Thursday 12:30-6:00pm (water will be cleared at 5:45pm) | Friday – Sunday  12:30-7:00pm  (*see changes to open swim hours below)

Family Nights:  Sunday evenings | 5-6:30pm  We will either have duck races or have lifeguards catch younger children off the diving board.  Reasonable pool toys may be brought in.

*Changes to Open Swim

*July 23rd the facility will only be open from 12:30-5:00pm (swim meet)  Water will be cleared at 4:45pm

*July 25th the facility will only be open from 1:00-5:00pm (splash bash)

Pool brochure:  These are available at the Recreation Department and at the Aquatic Center.  Information on brochure includes: Aquatic Center Rules, Pool Updates, Lost or Forgotten Passes, Private Pool Rentals (form and information obtained at the Aquatic Center), Splash Bash and Pool Management Information.