Property Information

All property within the Village of Mount Horeb is assessed as required by law.  The purpose of property assessments is to assure all property on record in the Village is valued fairly and equitably for taxing purposes.  The last Village-wide revaluation was completed in 2006.  Property taxes are based on the assessed valued of each property.

  • Accurate Appraisal LLC 1428 Midway Road PO Box 415 Menasha, WI  54952-0415 Telephone: (800) 770-3927 Fax: (920) 749-8099 Email: The Village of Mount Horeb contracts with this company for assessment services.  Assessment data is available on their website.  Data on property ownership, value, parcel number, building characteristics, and land area is available.  Online scheduling for assessment appointments is also available.
  • AccessDane  Dane County’s website for geographic and land information,  AccessDane provides property owner, value, parcel number, tax history, and map data for all of Dane County.  Click on Public Access, and then click on Parcel Information.


Village Treasurer

Assessment and property tax information is also available thru the Village Treasurer’s office. Contact Amy Hall at 608 437-9406 or email

Village Assessed Value

The 2021 total Village assessment is $761,229,160.

Mill Rate

The 2021 mill (tax) rate is $20.694895 per thousand dollars of valuation.