What dates will the Village be picking up brush and yard waste?

A listing of pickup dates for the current year is located on the home page under the Quick Links section.

How do I reserve a park shelter?

We take shelter reservations for each new year starting the first day in January that the office is open (January 2, 2019; January 2, 2020; January 4, 2021).

  1. Go to www.gymdandy.io to create an account. After you create an account, an email will be sent to you. You will need to confirm your account by clicking on the email and then “confirm email”.
  2. Visit this link to be brought to the Mt. Horeb GymDandy page: https://www.gymdandy.io/wi/mount-horeb/orgs/village-of-mt-horeb/. From the link, you may scroll down to choose a park and pick a date on the calendar to rent, or use the “find time widget” to pick a date and space type.
  3. Input your event details, expected attendance, and any other information pertaining to your reservation. You will then need to enter a payment method and card details. For reservations made with a cash or check, you will need to visit the Mt. Horeb Recreation Department.
  4. Once your reservation request has been sent, the Mt. Horeb Recreation Department will send an email to you approving or denying the rental.

When do Recreation Department activity guides go out?

The Winter/Spring guide goes out in November,  and the Summer/Fall guide goes out in March.

The court has ordered me to pay a forfeiture.  I have not been able to make the payment as ordered.  What do I do?

You must contact the court immediately and work out a payment arrangement. The court clerk can be reached at 608-437-7748. The police department cannot help you in this matter.

What are the curfew times and who do they apply to?

Curfew applies to all persons under the age of 18, with the following guidelines. Unless accompanied by a parent or guardian, no person under the age of 18 may loiter or remain on the public streets, alleys, or public places in the village as follows:

Ages 15 & under: Sunday through Thursday 10:00pm-5:00am, Friday and Saturday 11:00pm-5:00am.
Ages 16 & 17: Sunday through Thursday 11:00pm-5:00am, Friday and Saturday Midnight-5:00am

It is after routine work hours.  I need to speak to an officer directly and not a dispatcher.  What do I do?

In the event of an emergency, always call 911. For routine questions, please call 608-437-5522. After hours the Dane County Communications Center in Madison, Wisconsin will answer your call. Please tell them that you wish to speak to a Mount Horeb Police Officer and the officer will be radioed and asked to call you back. We do staff the agency 24 hours a day to respond to calls for service

What is the Cost Adjustment printed on my bill?

The Power Cost Adjustment Clause (PCAC) is applied to your electric usage and is authorized by the Public Service Commission for municipal utilities. The PCAC is an automatic adjustment clause that allows a utility to adjust customer’s monthly bills either upward (additional charge) or downward (credit) that is either above or below the average cost authorized by the Public Service Commission and reflected in the utility’s base rates. The three main reasons that an adjustment is necessary: 1) increased cost of natural gas for electric generation; 2) increased costs to purchase power from others; 3) increased out-of-state transmission (delivery) charges.

How often does the Water Utility test my meter?

The Water Utility is required to test residential meters every ten years. Mount Horeb Utility has a test cycle of every eight years for residential meters.

How often does the Electric Utility test my meter?

The Electric Utility is required to test residential meters before being installed and every twenty years. Mount Horeb Utility has a test cycle of every ten years for residential meters.

We purchased a new water softener and need to know the hardness of the water.

The average hardness of the water in the Village of Mount Horeb is 353 parts per million, which equates to 21 grains of hardness.

How do I recycle in the Village of Mount Horeb?

Check out the Quick Links Garbage & Recycling link located on the right side of our home page for current information.